Yasmine Lopez is making headlines for her sighting with Kanye West. The couple was reportedly seen together at a party. This was the beginning of their relationship. Fans of the American rapper want to know more about his newly announced girlfriend. That’s why Kanye and Yasmine have captured all the big trends. According to multiple sources, a private video of Yasmine López has also surfaced online. The accusations flooded the internet and both sides were ready to talk.


@YASMlNELOPEZ – currently sitting on 308.2k followers


@theyasminelopez – currently sitting on 1.1 followers. Cardi B, YG, and fellow influencer Rickey Thompson are among the celebrities that follow her.


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Yasmine Lopez (@theyasminelopez) द्वारा साझा की गई पोस्ट

Who Is Yasmine Lopez? Age, Job, Quick Wiki

Yasmine is known for her hilarious pranks, vlogs, and prank videos that involve dares. He has worked for renowned companies such as Fifth Wave, Viva De Luxe, Fashion Nova, and others.

Yasmine Lopez opened her YouTube channel on September 30, 2018. On October 5, 2018, she posted the first video on her channel titled “Baby Fever, New Boyfriend Alert, Dream Vacation”.

The most viewed video on her channel is called “I Like Girls Prank On My Crush Nategotkeys”.


Yasmine Lopez


22 – born January 27th, 1999

Star Sign



Yasmine appears to be a model who has worked with companies like Fifth Wave, Fashion Nova, and Viva De Luxe, among others. He has also been on television, in a brief role on the reality show Zeus One Mo’ Chance.

Yasmine Lopez Link With Kanye West Is True Or Rumor?

Yasmine is currently linked to Kanye West after they were seen together at J Mulan’s birthday party in Houston. She was previously linked to Trey Songz, who was originally thought to be the father of her baby when photos of the rapper and Yasmine were shared on social media, but the rumors have since been debunked.

When we looked at Jasmine Lopez’s emails, we saw that she has a son. However, she did not know who the father of her baby was. At the same time, Kanye West heard the news about Jasmine’s unborn child. But the stories are not true.

According to some stories, famous actor, Trey Songz should be the father of Jasmine’s child. But there is no way to know these words. Jasmine has also released several films, including one by Trey Songz. Her Instagram account shows that her son has been named “Papa”.


Instagram पर यह पोस्ट देखें


Yasmine Lopez (@theyasminelopez) द्वारा साझा की गई पोस्ट

Who Is Yasmine Lopez Married Too?

For those unaware, Kanye West was previously married to American socialite Kim Kardashian. The couple even shares three children. However, they recently broke up and announced their breakup. While Kim has been linked to Pete Davidson, Kanye is rumored to be dating Yasmine Lopez. Now everyone is eager to know who she is. Well, Yasmine Lopez is a model and Instagram star. Her birthday is January 27, 1999. She apparently majored in medicine at Harvard, but in recent years she has focused more on her work as a businesswoman and social media influencer.

Yasmine Lopez Surgery

Jasmine Lopez reportedly underwent “body augmentation surgery”. Because of this, sources say her body has changed from what it was in 2017. She now looks more attractive.

Jasmine has earned a following on TikTok. It has great power in the TikTok industry. Her TikTok videos have helped her gain a massive following from all over the world.

Jasmine joined the micro-video app TikTok and started posting videos of her lips synced to popular songs. She posts many videos of her gorgeous and attractive body, lingerie, swimwear, and fashion.

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