Despite having an extremely rough relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Josey Trupp was determined to make things better for herself and her children. After being left paralyzed during a violent attack, she tracked down a new man, Zack Lazarus. The pair share three children. Although the relationship was temperamental and had its ups and downs, it is a testament to Trupp’s resilience that she is bringing these issues to the forefront on the virtual entertainment stage.

When the two were separated, Brandon sprang out of the chaos and began a vicious attack on Josey Trupp. In the midst of the tumult, Josey was severely injured and Brandon had to stop the abuse before it could continue. During the attack, Josey was stabbed in the chest. The pair went on to fight for a second time, but neither of them were successful. The two had a violent relationship.

Despite being a teen, Josey Trupp has persevered, overcoming an overwhelming amount of hardship and suffering. Her story is an incredible one, and the courage and strength she has shown has inspired many. She was 16 when her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Moore, attempted to kill her by throwing a 35-pound slab of concrete on her. Though she suffered shattered cheekbones and a broken jaw, she made a remarkable recovery and is now living a normal life.

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