Watch Yvonne Nakankaka Twitter Viral and Leaked Video right here: Ever since Ismael Sefuko, also known as Cephco, was arrested by Full Figure and transferred to Luzira Prison, TikToker has garnered national attention.

He claimed that Sheikh Umar, who planned his arrest, wanted him to rot in prison and steal his girlfriend Jowie once he was released from prison.

Tiktok comedians and content creators Dr. Cephco (Sefuko) and his girlfriend Yvonne Nakankaka have leaked a video of their private room chewing nonstop, but everyone is praising their amazing skills with cassava and salsa. ‘Ensumuka.

The shocking images of Cephco feeding on his girlfriend’s bean, but what surprised many was his huge cassava that had netizens spinning.

Yvonne Nakankaka

Yvonne Nakankaka Twitter

The leaked video left viewers unhappy as many again asked Sefuko to find a new girl that Yvonne was fed up with. However, everyone praises Sefuko.

Cephco and Yvonne are content creators and TikTok lovers but now their video has put Ugandans to sleep.

Video question from Yvonne Nakankaka, it’s a new topic that was delivered half a month ago but it’s going up fast.

Many people want to listen to this song and many people have also downloaded it.

To get acquainted with the melodic verses like in the last video, please refer to the data below.

The leaked video did not satisfy viewers, as many again asked Sefuko to find a new bride that Yvonne was fed up with. However, everyone praises Sefuko.

Dr. Cephco recently had two girlfriends, Yvonne Jowie, but publicly dumped Jowie and revealed he didn’t care about his arrest.

Through his lawyers, Umar pledged to sue Cephco for baseless charges and demanded to apologize or face the consequences.

Cephco made a video of him sobbing crocodile tears as he stubbornly refused to apologize to the person who planned his arrest.

A few days later, he publicly dumped Jowie, revealing that he never cared about his arrest.

Cephco said that despite being in jail, Yvonne kept pestering Sheikh Umar to throw him a birthday party. She also revealed that her friends told her a lot of things Yvonne was involved in when she was in jail.

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