Hello guys, Another viral video is circulating very fast on the internet world named Upc Scandale Video. Once upon a time, about a year ago, students of primary and secondary education became famous for making sex tape videos in Kinshasa whose scandale almost a year after, Now it is the turn of the students of Upc to be affected by this.

This video is watched thousands of times and those People didn’t watch this till now getting very desperate to see this video, due to which it is going viral very fast, just like a forest fire and rapidly searching for Upc scnadale video on the internet. You can watch Upc scandale video on many social media platforms.

upc students viral video

Sources Claimed that in the viral video of the Upc scandal you are going to see the almost 40 ladies who are showing their body parts, you can also say 40 naked women are ready to show their private parts to the netizens. Mbote’s newsroom is trying to proofread this video with all its might but he has not been able to verify it yet, which belongs to the future elite on social networks. This video is constantly being shared by people on social media.

Watch Upc scandale video


By the way, to see this video, people expect the link of this video from us. But due to some obscene content in this video, we cannot share the link to this video with you. That is why here we are not publishing this video on our website because as we already told in this video some young womens who were verified by some internet users as Upc medical students are undressing in front of the camera.

According to previous news and reports, we can say it is not the first time when Congolese Protestant University is been viral on the internet for a sex scandal. Because Several teachers are indexed in their practice at the Point of Sexual Transmission.

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