Tradingview premium is a quite known platform for trading and analytics. Whether to see the past historical data of a chart or to backtest we need tradingview on regular day-to-day activity. It’s quite hard to consider a trader’s life without a trading view. It offers a wide range of features for traders, including live and historical market data, support for multiple exchanges, and customizable graphs and charts. The main advantages of Tradingview premium are the massive range of features. If you are new to trading, the live market data will help you to understand the patterns that are happening in the stock market.

How to Get Tradingview Premium?

Just like any paid services of the websites, tradingview also has premium plans in which they provide lots of paid features that are not accessible in the free version. Some popular features include:
• 25 indicators per chart
• 8 charts in one layout
• 400 active server-side alerts
• Unlimited saved chart layouts
• Second-based intervals
• Alerts that don’t expire
• 4x more data on charts (20K bars)

Tradingview Premium for $10 One Month

Tradingview premium free original price on the official website is $59 per month. The price is relatively high compared to other trading platforms, but the features offered by Tradingview make it worth a shot to give your trading an edge. But what about if you can access all these features of tradingview paid account for just a nominal charge of 5$? wow! Is it really possible? That would be your question, right? And our answer is yes you can have an original tradingview premium account at this price.

All you need to do is to contact us via WhatsApp or telegram to book your premium.
You will be provided with the direct login id and password from which you can sign in instantly no need to download any software or something.
If you have any query related to the same don’t keep it to yourself instead just message on contact details.
We also have social media like a telegram channel where we post recent customer chats for building trust. We have multiple payment options available you can pay according to your convenience.

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