Scene 1
Sejal sits with her parents. they are asleep. She cries remembering her childhood with them. She remembers how Minal hugged her when she first came. She cries. Sejal leaves. Sejal looks at baa and Mamba. He caresses Mamba’s face and remembers his moments with him. She touches baa’s feet. Sejal leaves the house. She walks down the road. Sejal arrives at a shrine and prays. She remembers her childhood as Mahira. Sejal cries. She remembers meeting Fareed. Sejal sobs. She remembers Yohan talking about the plan. She cries and says Fareed… She says this Yug killed my brother. I could live a good life. He died as a terrorist. She cries. Sejal says now look how I destroy your life, Yohan Nanda. Sejal burns his photo. Sejal says you see how I fulfill my mission.

Minal wakes up and says Sejal… She’s not here. Mina is scared. She wakes up Saras. Minal says that Sejal used to use when he was scared in childhood. Your pillow is wet. Where is she? She finds a letter. Minal reads that you taught me that if we ever have to fight for our own people, we must not back down. I am making this difficult decision. Forgive me if you can. Saras reads, they are both shocked.

Scene 2
Sejal shoots Yohan’s statue. SK says to take out all your anger here. So we can plan what to do next. You have to control your emotions. Sejal points a gun at SK and Tanhaji. Sejal says my plan is clear. I know how to take revenge on this Yohan. Tanhaji says that’s not how you come. Sejal says that’s not how you kill brothers either. Give me the keys to your car. Tanhaji gives him the keys. Sejal says not to chase me. She leaves and locks them up.

Scene 3
The function takes place at Yohan’s house. He sees Sejal’s back and goes after her. She leaves. Does Aleesha say who are you looking for? that servant Aleesha says you haven’t apologized to Vyom. Yohan says I won’t. What happened was fine. He deserved it. Aleesha then says let me go and hit Drishti. we will be tied She walks towards Drishti. Yohan grabs her arm and tells her don’t you dare. Everyone is shocked. Does Yohan say what is this madness? She says that for your assistant you can hit people, can’t you apologize to me? Yohan says again. We’re done with that Sejal.. Does Aleesha say what did you tell me? He angrily tears things up and says are you still thinking about her? How dare you? Aleesha’s father tries to calm her down. He says Yohan doesn’t love me. Keep thinking about Sejal. Veera says that it is not. Shalini says that she was actually his personal assistant. I used to call her for everything. So he might have taken his name by mistake.

Aleesha says you can sleep or do you sleep with her? Yohan says enough. Have some shame. Aarun tells Yohan to stop this drama or Drishti will be out of the house. Drishti tells Aleesha that you’re making a fuss over nothing. There is nothing between them. Yohan looks at Aarun and says Drishti, I’ll figure it out. He says sorry Aleesha. Let’s finish here and start our sangeet. Aleesha says she’s fine.

The dances begin at the sangeet. The whole family dances together. Yohan dances with Aleesha. Aarun also dances. Aarun says something to Yohan. Yohan says I’m faking it. Go and fake your love with Drishti now. Shail says that our plan has started. Shalini says that we have to start charging Yohan. Kamal says wait. this sangeet will be made more special with a dance performance. Sejal comes as a dancer. His face is covered. She dances in aaj ji ki raat around Yohan. His mask falls off. She picks it up. Aleesha leads Yohan to the other side. Sejal points a gun at Yohan. He’s about to pull the trigger. Someone comes to the front. Sejal hides the gun. Shail announces that my brother’s game will end tomorrow and to serve him we will have a bachelor party. Ladies not allowed. Aleesha says what will I do alone? Shalini says we’ll have a lot of fun. Shalini says from her heart that tonight will make my plan succeed. Sejal says Yohan can’t get away from me tonight. I will decide his death.

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