Santi Millan, who is the presenter of Got Talent Spain is currently in controversy among the world for his leaked video. In which he appeared spending his private moments with a woman who is not his wife. The leaked video of him is going viral very fastly all over the world. His fans are very upset after knowing about this video in which Santi Millan appeared having sexual relations with a blonde woman.

Santi Millan is a very famous personality due to this the leaked video in which he appears is spreading very fast on social media. Millions of people have watched this video in a very short time, and shared it with their knowns. Let’s know all about Santi Millan and his leaked video.

Santi Millan Video leaked, watch full

As we know that Santi Millan is a very famous man who is an actor and presenter of Got Talent Spain, married to the well-known television producer “Rosa Olucha” in 2009, Their married life was going very well and they also have two children named Marc and Rut. But after the leak of his video, in which he is having a sexual relationship with a blonde woman is going to affect their married life very badly.

Santi Millan video

The video is barely a minute long, in which Santi Milan was holding the phone in a selfie move with one hand and was seen enjoying private moments with the woman who is not his wife. After all these Santi Millan has quickly become a topic of controversy and searches for his video are now trending on google. Netizens are constantly searching for his leaked video. Presenting this type of video in public is an illegal act, due to which the culprit can also be jailed.

Who is Santi Millan?

It seems as if the video has been leaked deliberately, as it can be seen in the video that the lighting is taken perfectly in this video by the lighting presenter. Often such people do it in a very short time to get a lot of fame. Nowadays it has become a very easy way to become famous and get popularity. The fans of Santi Millan are very upset with him after watching this video and people are also making many hateful comments toward Santi Milan.

Santi Millan video leaked

Shortly after the news broke, ABC newspaper contacted Senti Milan to assess the leak of the video, although the presenter has not spared words. Of course, he somehow wants to focus on the event itself, and not on the content. “I’m not going to comment. I don’t want to say how things should be approached, but the news here is that a crime has been committed. I don’t understand the law or anything, so I’m not going to comment.” I’m leaving,” the presenter compromised.

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