Ramon Nieves, Ohio Man Arrested For Shooting Case In Athens County:
Ramon Nieves was recently arrested and charged with a shooting in the province of Athens. Ramon’s age is 26 years old at present. The judge charged him with a felony. In the past also he has done such things. In 2017 also he shot at someone, and he is also guilty of that. The judge charged him with first-degree murder and five-degree felony.
All this happened on 30 July 2020. Ramon Nieves studied at Ohio University. He was the main culprit in the shooting on 19 April 2017. Alex was the owner of  Bunny Tatto’s shop and sources confirmed that killed her very badly.

Who is Ramon Nieves?

Both of them were very good friends, they used to go to the same college. Both of them had not completed their degree. Maybe because of some rift between the two, he killed her. The police had a lot of solid evidence for him. Now the court proceedings are going on against him. then he will be punished.
After investigation, it was revealed that he had shot a lot of bullets into Alex’s face. Alex was admitted to a nearby hospital, but by that time many parts of his body had deteriorated. because of which he died at that time.
Ramon Nieves
When his family came to know about him, they would have been very sad. For his family, we would like to do an apology and sympathy time. and may his soul rest in peace. Ramon Nieves got the biggest punishment for his mistake. People are spending their sorrow time for him through the internet, showing a lot of sympathy for him.
He turned out to be essentially 28 years classic and his PDA recording shows the proof the region sheriff had a generally excellent reason to associate the tapping with the portable cellphone and recovering current realities to use towards the killer.
The look for a warrant given on June 15, 2020, could cowl his telecellsmartphone. As per the understanding, “Mr. Nieves’ cell telecellsmartphone incorporates verification of the expense of the jail demonstration of felonious attack,” which the Athens County Sheriff’s Office has “beneficial grounds” to accept.
He needed to wear a lower leg screen and put confined at home at his ongoing Cambridge home. He was in like manner prepared to eliminate all contact with the individual being referred to, Alex Andrews. Besides, Nieves’ legal gathering introduced a sale to permit him to go from his home to a facility in Cambridge for standard tests. In 2022, Ramon will be 28 years of age. The latest charges, which focus on Nieves’ cell, include defacing and proof altering.

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