Recently a new video is going viral on social media named QUIERO AGUA VIDEO. People do whatever it takes to be famous these days. Nowadays it is not a big deal for any video to go viral, so people upload anything on the internet to become famous. Similarly, another new video has come among many videos, which is constantly attracting the attention of the people.

The video is of a man who is seen with a skinned face, and in such a situation he asks for water, ” I want water…”. But the voice that comes from it sounds like it’s coming from a grave. Be with us till the end for complete information about the video link.

watch Quiero agua video

Although many videos are viral on the internet every day, this new video, which is going viral, is quite different from the rest of the videos. When I saw this video, I felt very strange seeing it, as someone whose face is of internal muscle and blood is covered all over the face, You can say someone whose skin is completely detached from his face. Watching this video reminds me of a character from the movie “The Return of the Living Dead” who looks exactly like this.

Quiero agua video

The strange video is continuously going viral on various platforms of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. The video is going viral very fast on the internet and till now millions of people have watched this video. It is not that they are watching this video but also sharing it with their know persons due to this the suddenly QUIERO AGUA VIDEO is continuously going viral in a very short time.

The horrible video is most viewed on Facebook and on this it has gone viral. But now it has been uploaded on many social media platforms. And now netizens are continuously spreading this video on various platforms of social media.

who is quiero agua video?

In this video, you are going to see a person whose skin is completely detached from his face. You can also see that he has a cut on his chest and feet. being flayed is seen with what would be the inner muscles and only blood-red tones, and with eyes jumping out of their sockets.

In this video, the strange person asks for water, who ask him, do you want water? Yes?

It has come to the fore who is behind this video. The video in which you can see a terrifying man who seems to be in a lot of trouble is known as “QUIERO AGUA VIDEO I want water” was the great work of the hit man known as “The Clown”.

The victim, now known as the Mexican Ghost Rider, a resident of the municipality of Cotija in the state of Michoacán, was kidnapped by CJNG hit men under the command of ‘El Clown’, the cartel’s plaza boss in Aguilla. It was the work of Hit Man himself, who was the clown of CJNG, and he removed his skin from his face, and yet he was alive.

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