Danny Duncan is a very famous YouTuber who has won the hearts of millions with his close friend Papa Jim and his comedy. But recently news is coming that Papa Jim is no longer among us, Netizens make much such news viral on social media which are empty rumors that ruin all the fun. We are saying this because last night Danny Duncan shared a video on Instagram in which he was saying that papa Jim is living well.

Danny Duncan is a very well-known American YouTuber who uploads videos like pranks, Comedy, and video blogging on his YouTube channel.

Duncan hails from Englewood which is based in Florida and did his graduation from Leon Bay High School in 2010. And his first job was at Walgreens.

Today at the age of 28, he has almost 6 million subscribers on his YouTube. And he also started his own clothing brand named “Virginity Rocks”. Which he wears in his every video and does often promotion.

He has around 1.2 billion views on his YouTube channel which is 1,625,317,986, in numbers. He started his YouTube channel in 2014 and whenever he started uploading videos today Danny Duncan’s net worth can be estimated at around $ 8 million.


Who is Papa Jim?

Papa Jim is a very funny 90s man. Which is seen in the videos of Duncan Duncan doing very strange things, everything from being naked to riding a quad bike.

Papa Jim’s name means people can understand that he is a relative of Danny Duncan. But in reality, he is the grandfather of a very close friend of YouTuber David Tomchinsky, who is the executive assistant and social media manager of Duncan Duncan.

Users on social media are expressing a lot of condolences for Papa Jim, and this is the most on Twitter in a few hours, According to internet users, Papa’s gym is no longer with us.

Hearing the news of his death, people are deeply saddened by his death and are mourning his death, along with they are also praying for his family. People believe that the year 2022 is really very unlucky.

Papa Jim dead or alive

As of now, not much news has been revealed about Papa Jim’s death and no specific confirmation has been made, due to which the cause of his death is still unknown. But our sources are completely keeping an eye on this and as soon as we get any news, we will definitely update you through our article.

There was a rumor in February that Papa Jim died after Duncan posted a story on Instagram with the caption “Miss You Father”. It later came to light that Duncan was out of town due to which he posted this, One radiator also said that his choice of words to show this sentiment was quite wrong.

Speaking of his age, Papa Jim was a 92-year-old man who often appeared in Danny Duncan’s YouTube movies, doing anything from skinny dipping to quad riding.

This week, rumors about the death of Jim’s father spread on the Internet again. One person rolled their eyes on Twitter, saying, “Rip daddy Jim, you’re Danny Duncan, rest in peace, Daddy Jim’s highlight.”

However, this morning it appeared that Danny, who had flown back from London to the United States, got rid of the rumors on Instagram.

“Live well,” as they sat on the couch, they wrote a caption for Daddy Jim’s Instagram story and said, “I have to stay out.”

So the Internet trolls seem to have restarted the news of death, and Jim’s father is as cheerful as ever.

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