The news of Namhla Mtwa’s murder sparked a public outcry, bringing the issue of femicide to the forefront of national discussions. The murder case was the result of an abusive relationship, and the sister of the deceased, Namhla Mtwa, posted screengrabs of the incident on social media. The video has gone viral and has drawn worldwide attention to the issue.

The alleged abuser, 41-year-old Bhekezulu Tents, is accused of beating his sister. A video of the attack has gone viral. In it, Mtwa is sat naked in bed and is whipped with a black power wire. Tents also threatens to hurt her more and calls her a “clown”.

In addition to the video, the EFF and the Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane have called for police to look into the case of femicide. They plan to march to the central police station in Mthatha to demand answers. This comes after the video has gone viral, causing outrage among South Africans. In addition to demanding answers from the police, the EFF has called on them to hold a protest march.

In the meantime, police are still investigating Namhla Mtwa’s murder. The alleged attacker has not been charged in the case. Namhla’s sister sent screenshots to the police showing Bhekezu beating Namhla. The video has fueled the fire to find the murderer and apologise to the victim. The murder was a vicious one, but the case is still open.

Since the video went viral, many women in South Africa are calling for the arrest of the man who killed the woman. They allege that the major killed Namhla Mtwa, the longtime girlfriend of the victim. She was shot nine times on the driveway of the house in April 2022, and many South African women want him punished. Some women are even calling for the arrest of Mfesane Bhekoulu.

Those who support the investigation say it’s important to stop femicide in South Africa. Namhla Mtwa’s murder has been condemned by South African government officials, who are calling it femicide. But the killers are unlikely to let it go. Namhla’s killing has caused national shock and alarm. The death threat was sent to the boyfriend, who also worked for OR Tambo Municipality.

Namhla Mtwa Being Beaten Facebook Video

You might have heard from reputed sources that Namhla Mtwa Being Beatened on Facebook but never really understood what it meant. The story touched many hearts, and has become one of the most disturbing abuse stories in recent history. It was like living in a hell, and there seemed to be no way out. Namhla was abused for nine years, and the abuser allegedly killed her while she tried to leave him.

On the Facebook video, Namhla is seen being beaten up by her businessman boyfriend, Major Mfesane Bhekizulu, 41. She is bruised all over her body and cries in pain. Major Bhekizulu, a wealthy and well-connected businessman, is accused of murder and other serious crimes. But he denies these allegations.

The investigation into the killing of Namhla Mtwa took a turn when the video of her being beaten went viral. It sparked a nationwide outcry and brought the problem of femicide to the forefront. Namhla Mtwa’s sister posted screenshots of the violent altercation to Facebook in an effort to bring the case to justice. The viral video has since gone viral, bringing global attention to femicide.

Several South African women have taken to Facebook to demand that the man be punished for the murder of their sister. Various screenshots of the text messages and video are circulating on the Internet. The man had threatened to punish Mtwa if she did not go to the doctor for her injuries. The video has gone viral, with many people calling for the arrest of Mfesane Bhekoulu.

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