Another controversy is spreading very fast on the internet which is about Motu Patlu Gay, yes you heard right. These all started with a post on IMDb in which they claimed Motu Patlu is a gay couple. After listening to this, netizens are constantly searching for it on the internet to know the whole thing about it.

Are Motu Patlu Gay?

Motu Patlu is one of the favorite cartoons of today’s generation of children and their parents also want to know the all facts about Motu Patlu. So here we are going to tell you all things about this controversy. People are searching for Is Motu Patly Gay? Motu Patlu Gay viral news if true or rumor? Keep reading this article to know whole things about this topic.

There are children in every house, and children love to watch cartoons. All of us were once kids and we also loved watching cartoons and we can say that we enjoyed our childhood a lot by watching cartoons. We all grew up watching these classic 90s cartoons like Doraemon, Chhota Bheem, Ninja Hattori, and one of our favorite Shinchan.

But the time has been charged and the new generation like to watch Motu Patlu in which they both are friends one is Motu(hungry and powerful) and another one is Patlu(skinny and intelligent). Both characters attract the attention of a new generation of children because of their colorful themes, Loud and weird settings. These things are complete to grab the attention of any child and can entertain them perfectly.

We all have kids in our house and they love watching Motlu Patlu but no one has ever noticed that both of them can also be gay. Some people are claiming that both of them care a lot for each other and live in the same room with each other, then it is true that they are gay.

And this reinforces the fact that the bed kept in their house is small and both sleep on it together. By the way, till now there is no certified announcement about it, it is being said only on the basis of one post and this is only one type of speculum.

After this controversy, we hope that the makers of Motu Patlu will definitely make some announcements about this controversy. Our team is fully keeping its eye on these controversies and as soon as we get the news of any announcement from the makers, we will definitely inform you. So don’t miss to follow us, here we provide daily news updates on controversial topics to our viewers.

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