Hello guys, today we will talk about a new viral video called Merville barracks video on Twitter. As we know, sexual content on the internet goes viral very fast. Through this post,  we are going to tell you everything about this viral video. Stay with us till the end to get the complete details of the video. To stay updated about viral news bookmark famousfor5.com.

Merville Barracks Leaked Video

The Armed Forces Minister condemned the paratroopers, saying the videos “embarrassed and angered him”, adding that it was not “the Army ad that we would like to show”. Videos circulated on social media that appear to show a woman having sex with troops from the 16th Air Assault Brigade at Merville Barracks in Colchester, Essex. The clips show dozens of spectators watching the acts taking place in different areas of the base, according to The Times. A soldier can be seen greeting his colleague while having sex with the woman, which was allegedly consensual. An army spokesman said: “The army expects the highest standards of behavior from all its personnel. Anyone who fails to meet these standards will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken against them.” The Royal Military Police are investigating a series of videos that appear to involve military personnel. It would be inappropriate to comment further while investigations are ongoing.”

After doing an orgy on the military base of the group of Paratroopers, he has been taken into the Military Police Investigation.

It is seen in the video that a woman was found having sex with troops from the 16 Air Assault Brigade on social media, which is being watched by more than dozens of Troops.

According to The Times, sex activity has been seen in many areas of the base in the video. And at one point of time, it was seen that a serviceman was seen saluting his colleague to have sex with that woman.

After all this, the Footage of the orgy shocked army chiefs and forced the Royal Military Police to launch an investigation and the Royal Military Police was called to investigate the matter so that it could be known how the woman entered the camp. And were any rules violated by those troupes and women.

So far it has been learned through sources that The sex was allegedly consensual.

It is heard that it has been said by the spokesman of the army that the army expects the highest standards for the behavior of all their personnel. And anyone who maintains these standards will not be investigated but those who do not follow them will be properly investigated.

It has been learned through the news that the Royal Military Police is investigating all the videos in which Army Personnel are seen being involved. And as long as this investigation is going on, we cannot say anything more about this than ourselves.


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