Maeva Ghennam is a French model, reality show personality, and online sensation. She has starred in films such as “The Marseillais: Australia,” “The Marseillais in the Caribbean,” and “The Marseillais Asian Tour.”

Australian pop star Maeva Ghennam appeared on the reality show Les Marseillais Australia. She is very popular worldwide among the people. Everyone was shocked after hearing her leaked video. It seems that Maeva Ghennam is acting quite unsportsmanlike. To learn more about Maeva Ghennam, see the photo below. According to reports, Maeva Ghennam has an OnlyF account, where she has uploaded her NSFW contents.

The leaked material from Maeva Ghennam was reportedly posted through the OnlyF account on the social media site and shared videos and photos with followers. She has participated in many reality shows that helped him with fame and fame. Maeva Ghennam’s professional and personal career shows that she was a qualified dental assistant in this area. The young woman took an additional course to continue her studies. Maeva Ghennam was involved in the incident. On November 13, 2020, three men attacked him in front of his home.

Maeva Ghennam was born on May 14, 1997, in Ghennam, Marseille, France. She has Australian nationality where she grew up. She is a member of the white race. Taurus is her zodiac sign.
Maeva Ghennam’s mother, Salya Ghennam, is known to have 74.1 million followers on Instagram. She was raised by her parents and sister “Manon Tanti”. His father’s information is still a mystery.

Maeva Ghennam is now single but was recently in several relationships. She was first spotted with Nikola Lozina and the couple immediately split up. He also went out with Anthony Nacca, but the unions suddenly ended.

Maeva Ghennam worked as a dental assistant before graduating in 2017 and 2018, the seventh year of La Marseillaise. “The Marseillaise: Australia”, “The Marseillaise: Asia Tour” and “The Marseillaise in the Caribbean”. Excerpts from Manon + Julien le Mariage, Les Marseillaise vs. rest of the world 3, The Marseillais vs. The rest of the world is known for 4 and Moundir and 4 student coaches.

She made her best start in Marseillaise: Australia in 2018. He rocked the school and quickly became a name for himself with her fire style and bimbo style. During this trip, Maeva met Nikola Lozina. At Les Marseillaise: Asian Tour he married Nacca, a friend of Kevin. On the other hand, her relationship with Greg led to the breakup of their relationship. She admitted that she began to love Greg.

Maeva completed her secondary and university studies in France. She does not reveal about her university and the Information about his university was kept secret by her. Ghennam is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It has more than 9,429 followers on Facebook, 3.3 million on Instagram, and 68,3,000 followers on Twitter. Ghennam’s net worth was the US $ 900,000 even though he was involved in the entertainment industry.


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