Hello guys, As we all know, it is not a big deal for any strange thing to go viral on the internet, Whether it is done by a common person or a celebrity. People enjoy these things a lot and also share them with their acquaintances. Another new strange video of the same type is going viral on the internet world named kingqurannewpage.

And in a very short time, millions of people have seen this video and are also sharing it continuously through their social media accounts. Which is the main reason behind this strange video going viral. kingqurannewpage is a social media user account that has attracted the attention of people around the world through this video and it looks like this video is not going to go out of trend so fast.

Who is Kingqurannewpage?

Let us first know that after all what is it in this video due to which it is trending all over the world. In this video, you are going to best chemistry and a romantic relationship between an old woman and a young boy. There are kissing each other in the video and doing some romantic kinds of things and showing all world, that love is bling and age is just a number. If you love anyone then age doesn’t matter.

The real name of the person we are seeing in this video is Quran McCain, which is quite famous in front of the world as King Quran. He became a hot topic of discussion on the internet when he linked his relationship with a lady 37 years older than him. Quran McCain is a 24-year young boy and he got engaged to 61-year-old woman Cheryl McGregor. And this is the reason that he has made a huge fan following in a very short time. Both of them keep uploading videos of their romantic life on their Tiktok handle kingqurannewpage for some time.

Kingqurannewpage TikTok Couple Age Gap Husband

According to reports, when these two met each other for the first time when Quran was only 15 years old. But there was no feeling between them for each other at that time. They started dating each other last year, which became the reason for their popularity. And through their videos, he attracted attention from all over the world.

Due to marrying so far ahead of themselves in sorrow, sometimes some people also make hateful comments to them┬áBut Cheryl Says She Doesn’t Mind These Hateful Comments. Both are very happy with each other and they constantly share videos of their romantic life on their social media handles.

Recently they have announced that they will create an only fans account together shortly where they will share NSFW contents. For all these reasons, some people make hateful comments to them, which do not matter to them and both of them are living a happy life with each other. Cheryl’s family is also against their relationship. Now, it is revealed that a private video was leaked on social media featuring Cheryl Mcgregor and Quran McCain. The clip has shaken everyone to the core.

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