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Kendall Rae Hulu

Who is Kendall Rae Hulu?

Kendall Ray is a YouTuber and she shares True Crime with people on her channel, due to which she is also called a True Crime YouTuber. She recently featured Hulu’s “Dead Asleep” on his YouTube channel In which a sleepy killer was shown killing a woman named Brooke Preston. Brooke Preston, who lived in Pennsylvania, was 21 years old when her roommate Randy Herman Jr. killed her with a knife in 2017 in her West Palm Beach, Florida house.

According to reports, Herman, who was Brooke’s childhood friend, says that he was asleep when he committed the crime and did not know anything about the incident. However, after the conclusion of the proceedings, he was convicted of first-class murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. In December 2021, Hulu released “Dead Asleep”, a documentary on Brooke’s death against Brooke’s family In which they are showing a complete investigation of the incident with her.


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Kendall Ray, an American YouTuber, focused on Hulu’s Death Asleep which covers the murder of Brooke Preston by her roommate who kills Brooke while she is sleeping. She posted the video on January 26, 2022. Brooke’s sister, Jordan Preston, blasted the network for disclosing private footage from the time her family learned of Brooke’s death, giving them “the worst day of her life”.

‘Dead Asleep’ Unknown Truth On Brooke Preston Murder

Jordan Preston slams all the networks that escalate someone’s misery for their own benefit. According to Rolling Stone, the documentary, directed by Skye Borgman, includes police and trial footage, clay reenactments of the crime, and interviews with Herman, his friends, and family, as well as sleepwalking experts.

Youtuber, podcast host and vlogger Kendall Rae is 29 years old. She was born on 22 April 1993 in Boston, Massachusetts. However, the youtube sensation doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Kendall is a YouTube content creator that primarily focuses on true crime, with a focus on true crime, mystery, and conspiracy videos. She launched her main channel in August 2012 under the moniker Kendall Place before christening it Kendall Rae.


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According to reports, Kendall Ray had a very happy marriage with her longtime boyfriend Josh Thomas in 2016. Josh was very supportive of Kendall, due to which he also quit his job helping to launch Kendall’s YouTube channel. According to sources, they made an announcement on 01 F 2022 in which they said that they are expecting their first child.

A Youtube sensation Kendall Rae has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million. She and her husband, Josh, also co-host a popular podcast, the Mile Higher Podcast. She has more than a million followers on all social media platforms and is still growing. She is a missing person advocate who uses her profile to raise money and awareness for Thorne, a non-profit international anti-human trafficking organization founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

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