Nowadays a lot of videos are going viral on social media about Fatima Tahir, one of them is going viral very fast, and that video of her. Fatima is very beautiful, which is becoming quite viral on the internet, people appreciate her.

But recently, some of his videos and photos are becoming viral on social media, due to which people are angry with him and dislike him a lot.

Who is Fatima Tahir?

These days his Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media platforms are in great demand, and people are liking him a lot. A lot of his photos are getting leaked and his WhatsApp chat is also getting leaked and people are also writing bad comments on his Instagram. And many people are interested in taking his WhatsApp number.

Fatima Tahir is getting hate from many people along with respect, people are writing wrong things on her photos. He is getting a lot of hate on his adult photo. He has recently posted a photo with salwar and kurta, on which people are commenting very badly. Fatima was wearing a necklace on which Allah was written, she posed for a picture with her, and people disliked it Because if she is doing any wrong thing, then God or any religion should not be added to it. That’s why Fatima is getting a lot of laughs from the people.

Fatima Tahir New Video

Fatima Tahirr has about 13.4k followers on Instagram, and people do not talk much about her dressing sense But recently he has posted something like this Zipper people are very angry with him and people are also withdrawing because of his WhatsApp chat. These photos of him are becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. Fatima Tahir WhatsApp chat was written in which she was seen sending bad words about the person, she was humiliated a lot.

He is getting a lot of hate from his chat, one of his Instagram users shared this chat with him. Fatima chat is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter as well, this chat was of her who was in a relationship with her. Because of this, Fatima social media accounts are going on in a lot of trends, she is getting hate from many people and some people are also liking her.

Talking about her photo, she is becoming quite viral, which is why she has been photographed with the necklace, so she is getting hated. These days they have to hear very bad things from people.

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