The Twitter account f22loverr has recently become popular due to the video it posted and transferred of a mass shooting. The shooting occurred in Buffalo, New York a few days earlier, and the young shooter had an anti-immigrant and white supremacist ideology. The shooter’s main target was ebony people. The shooter killed 10 people and injured three. At least one of the victims was black.

According to DeathMilitia, Among the many keywords associated with f22lover, the most common is “f22loverr,” which accounts for the vast majority of the website’s traffic. This term is one of the top search terms on Google and Yahoo and generates a large volume of impressions. In the United States, F22lover has also piqued the interest in a number of people because of a video of a buffalo capturing.

F22lover Twitter Video

The video was posted after a shooter at a Buffalo shopping center opened fire. The shooter, who was only 18 years old, had a racial oppressor philosophy and targeted black people.

His victims included 10 dead and three injured. Police quickly identified him as Peyton S Gendron. This is one of the many shocking images of the shooter’s deranged mind. However, the videos are disturbing to watch.

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