Drue and Gabe Basham are two famous personalities for some reason they have been accused of racism. Both couples shared their life through posted their daily activities on social media. But for some reason, they both are becoming hot topics for big controversy on social media. Netizens are very angry with them and making hateful comments to them for some racist reasons. Keep reading the article to know the reason for so much hate.

What Is Drue and Gabe Reddit Drama All About?

Drue and Gabe are the subjects of much discussion on Reddit due to their racist comments. Gabe was 19 when he created an inappropriate Facebook profile.

As someone pointed out on Reddit, Drue and his family poked fun at BLM on Facebook. And there’s a terrifying video of her stepsister “Passing out” because her stepdad was wearing black or whatever.

Drue and Gabe

“Gabe also liked the posts that made fun of George Floyd. After the Uvalde shooting, they attended the NRA conference and Lil Drues’ father loved the pro-life, pro-gun messages.

Who Are Drue and Gabe Basham?

Very famous couple Drue and Gabe Basham are active on social media sites like Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube where they both uploaded their love life activity. The online couple is now facing hostility because of discrimination. This is the most popular search result for Gabe involved in racism on Facebook on social media.

D & G’s vlogs included videos from active YouTube Gabe. The lovely couple who posted videos of their activities on YouTube are themselves. Gabe proposed marriage to Drue when he was 19, and many films document their marital journey.

Explaining Gabe Basham’s Comment

Drue, for his part, posted a video indicating that Gabe has already apologized and learned from his mistake. He went on to say that if we don’t give him the space and the opportunity to grow from his mistakes, how can he expect to improve?

She said her page has always been about positivity and love while allowing others to express themselves. And that he never used his page to spread hate or hostility.

Drue said we all make mistakes from time to time as humans, and the best we can do is accept them and learn from them, which is exactly what they do.

Drue and Gabe Basham

People on Reddit, on the other hand, berate them for their mistakes. “Homophobic racism. stinks. She’s a spoiled brat taking care of her husband’s health issues,” are some of the hateful comments on Reddit.

Racist controversies and accusations, How did Drue and Gabe Basham fare?

Recently, Drew and Gabe had a falling out and were accused of racism. A person-to-person conversation started thanks to Gabe’s Facebook post. An offensive post inspired one of his followers to sow hostility in the media.

Dor and Gabe have been a popular topic on the internet recently. They raised the accusation of racism, which complicates the existence of the couple. Dor’s video clarified the error and Gabe’s feelings towards the viewpoint he expressed when he was 19 years old.

Drue And Gabe’s Family And Parents, They Are Social Media Star

Drue and Gabe got engaged on June 5 to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their proposal. After the proposal, they got married and celebrated the day with friends and family.

The couple has a shared Instagram account where they update us on their daily routine and Gabe’s regular medical checkups. They rarely talk about their parents and family. If there is any new information on this topic, we will let you know.

In social networks, he publishes sweet and fun moments of his life as a couple. They are known for their pranks, challenges, and food transport. They have 51.8k subscribers on their channel.

Drue can also be found on Instagram where he goes by @drue .basham. His Instagram account has 243,000 followers and 511 posts.

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