A social media personality Damaury Mikula was arrested a few months ago for driving his car fast more than the speed limit. and now the rumor of his arrest is going viral very fast on social media. His fans are very upset after hearing this news and started searching on google to know complete information about this case. A famous TikTok has now become the reason for big controversy across the social media platform. Netizens are continuously sharing this news on social media due to which this thing is spreading very fast all over the world like forest fire spread. Let us know about this in-depth, stay with us till the end for complete information.

Damourya Mikula was driving faster than the speed limit due to which he jumped the red light due to this the Florida Highway Patrol chased his car for very long at the speed of more than 100 miles per hour. After which he was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol. This incident happened on 01 November 2021. Prior to his arrest, he had been burning and smoking the tires of a Dodge Challenger next to a patrol car that was stopped at the State Road 54 intersection after this he cross the red light mistakenly and when he saw police chasing him, then he increased his car speed toward his home. Police identify him as a car driver and arrest him at his house.

Who is Damaury Mikula?

If you’re familiar with TikTok stars, you’ve likely heard of Damaury Mikula. But did you know that he’s also a hip-hop artist? Or that he’s a social media influencer? Read on to find out more about this rising star of the Internet. And don’t miss out on the cool things that Mikula has planned for the future. In addition to being an Internet sensation, Mikula has a blog and various business ventures, which he shares with his fans.

Damaury Mikula is a TikTok star
Born on January 9, 2003, Damaury Mikula is a YouTube sensation who has garnered over 1.8 million subscribers on TikTok. He is a sports enthusiast who played basketball at Bloomingdale Senior High School. After graduating from high school, he turned to an entertainment career. Damaury Mikula is now a TikTok icon with a large fan base and has launched clothing and merch.

Mikula has an adorable daughter named Isabella. The youngster’s mother is the internet star Ll_destinny, who is also famous in her own right. Despite his popularity on social media sites, he has been secretive about his baby’s mother until recently. Her name is Destiny Mikula. Mikula has not answered the question about his relationship status, but his baby has been a hot topic on IG recently.

He is a rapper

Born on 9 January 2003, American rapper Damaury Mikula is also known as Dama. He is the son of immigrants and currently resides in the United States. He was arrested in 2013 for exceeding 100 mph while driving and running a red light. Since then, Mikula has become a popular TikTok star and has accumulated huge fans. His YouTube videos have been viewed by millions of viewers.

Born in Illinois, Damaury Mikula is the son of an immigrant father and a middle-class mother. His siblings include several YouTube stars and social media influencers. His sister has been featured in some of his Youtube movies. He has a long list of fans, but his fans are most proud of his accomplishments. He was also educated, having completed his high school education.

Damaury Mikula

He is a social media influencer
A social media influencer, 18-year-old Damaury Mikula has millions of followers. He began his social media career on the video-sharing app TikTok, where he uploaded dancing, singing, prank, and lip-syncing videos. The videos quickly went viral, bringing him fame and millions of followers. As of 2018, he has more than four million followers on his TikTok page.

According to his Instagram profile, Mikula makes around $400,000 per year through his online business. While his Instagram page doesn’t provide a mugshot, he claims to make around $400-$450k a year through posting inspiring content. He is more subtle about showing off his wealth, however. He often posts pictures of his car, a Dodge Charger worth around $60,000.

Damaury Mikula arrested

Born in Tampa, Florida, the US, Damaury Mikula is a young blogger who posts about his life on the Internet. He is an American citizen and is of African descent. He is currently in a relationship with TikTok star Benet Tyson. Despite being a relative newbie to the blogging world, he has already made waves in the online space. In addition to blogging, Mikula also loves drawing and is a talented photographer.

Mikula’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 million and $3 million USD in 2021, and he owns a mansion in the United States. His YouTube and Instagram channels have thousands of subscribers, and he is now beginning to launch clothing merch. His lifestyle is lavish and has earned him the equivalent of $500,000 a year in social media. He once had a luxurious home in the US and even was arrested by the Highway Patrol after a high-speed chase.

He has an affair with internet star Ll_destinny
The internet sensation Damaury Mikula has been in a relationship with Ll_destinny, a fellow TikTok icon. The two met in 2014 on Tiktok, where the two make funny videos about everyday routines. Mikula is also a fan of cats and dogs, and he often posts pictures of his pet on his social media accounts.

Isabella Mikula was born on March 19, 2020, and her mother is Ll_destinny. Both mothers have their own YouTube channels, and Isabella has been spotted on Damaury’s page as well. The two are close friends and regularly share pictures on IG. Despite their public relationship, Mikula has not yet confirmed that he is having an affair with Ll_destinny.

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