The Internet is nowadays full of rubbish nowadays, especially when we talk about viral videos, every 2 out of 3 videos is either of some private leaked clip or some death clip from an incident. And of course, if you are here it means you are well aware that today we are going to discuss the viral Crush Rabbit sequel video which has made new headlines nowadays.

We will uncover the complete story behind the clip of Crush Rabbit. Through this post: We are going to give complete information about this viral video, stay with us till the end to get complete information about this Crush Rabbit Sequal viral video.

crush rabbit sequel video

In this video you are going to see, a person who brings several rabbits with a case. In which it can be seen that all the rabbits want their freedom and try to get out of the case so that no one can bind them again. A girl watching all this gets emotional seeing those rabbits and tries to set them free, as a result, She takes a rabbit out of the case and takes it in her arms, but when she takes it in her arms, the rabbit jumps due to which he falls to the ground which becomes the cause of rabbit’s injury.

crush rabbit sequel video

When all this was happening, it was being recorded in a camera which was uploaded on social media, As soon as the video was uploaded, it quickly gained its feet on the internet. This video has spread a lot in a very short time and till now this video has been seen by millions of people and it is still being shared by people continuously. This video is going viral so fast as if a forest fire is spreading. You can watch this video on various platforms of social media such as Twitter and Reddit.

But after watching this video, people are getting very angry with the girl who raised the rabbit in her arms. And they are making very hateful comments for this girl on video. They say that when the girl does not know how to take the rabbit in her arms, then what was the need for her to do this? If she hadn’t done this, the rabbit wouldn’t have got any injuries. At present, people are looking very furious at that girl, but no intention is visible in the video by the girl to give any kind of injury to the rabbit. Due to this some people are considering her a girl with a good heart, who understands her feeling.


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