Corey Wieneke was 22 years old when he was founded dead by police in his room, Police knew that he had been killed in 1997. But they didn’t have any proof till 2017.

The murderer of Corey Wieneke was sentenced to life imprisonment after the 25 years of Corey’s death. Corey’s family finally got justice and the culprit was punished.

Recently on social media, a net controversy is going started about Corey Wieneke who died 30 years ago and got justice after 25 years of his death. Corey’s girlfriend “Jody Hotz” called 911 to tell them that he had died on 13 October 1992, the first attended who attended her call was went to his house and got Corey Wieneke’s dead body on the floor in his room which is completely covered with blood. After seeing his body anybody can say that he was killed by blunt force and beating. When the attendant asked his girlfriend where she was when this all happened she says I was at work. And after confirming it with her colleagues, the attendant takes off her from the list of suspects.

The police thought it was a case of robbery. But the next morning one media reporter found an aluminum baseball bat with blood marks on the road near the Corey Wieneke house. which is look like it is used to kill someone.

Corey Wieneke Murder

Corey Wieneke’s death shook the community of Chicago, Illinois, to its core. At just 22 years of age, the former bartender was a young man who was often at his grandparents’ restaurant and bar, Wink’s Bar & Grill. His body was discovered in the restaurant’s basement by responding firefighters. The cause of death was blunt stress, likely a beating. According to prosecutors, Corey Wieneke died of blunt stress or blunt force trauma. His girlfriend, Annette Cahill, was able to avoid suspicion by giving the police a credible alibi.

Corey Wieneke Murder

During the Oct. 13 incident, Corey was out with Annette Hazen. She was intoxicated when she left Wink’s near closing time. Annette told police that she and Corey had an argument, but that it stemmed from jealousy. The argument did not last, and she refused to take the rap. In a subsequent interview, Annette pleaded not guilty and testified that she did not see Corey at the bar.

Initially, police ruled out a homicide until the bat was analyzed. While the bat was not found to have DNA evidence, it was ruled a murder weapon. The case was finally solved after more than four hundred witnesses were interviewed. Corey was murdered in a jealous rage, and the murder weapon was found only a mile from the home. Afterward, a reporter discovered a bat on the gravel road, which was later confirmed by a farmer.

Who is Corey Wieneke?

Despite the lack of evidence, the police suspected jealousy when a female family member was involved. Although Annette was an accountant at the bank, she was also dating Corey’s long-term girlfriend, Jody. Jody was working at a bank in Iowa City while Corey was at home. On Oct. 13, she returned home after a night shift and noticed her boyfriend was missing. She also noticed a dog unchained outside the house, as well as a screen door that had been left wide open.

After the investigation, a man named Annette Cahill was accused of killing Corey Wieneke. Cahill had been accused of murder in 1992 after a witness identified the body of Wieneke. She claimed to have eaten the victim’s blood-stained clothing and admitted to being at Cahill’s home on the day of his death, but her testimony did not prove her guilt. After her arrest, the murder case went to trial.

The murder investigation was complicated by a number of factors, including the lack of bodily evidence and an alibi for Annette. The lack of body proof, along with the alibi of another suspect, forced investigators to shut the case down for 25 years. However, a recent tip led to a reopening of the case. An anonymous tip revealed that Becker saw candles left by Annette after the murder and that she had heard her niece apologize for killing Corey.

The police found a bloody aluminum baseball bat near the house of the Wieneke couple. Although the bat contained no fingerprints or other useful DNA evidence, it was determined to be the murder weapon. A farmer who lives nearby said that the bat appeared between 9:00 a.m. and one p.m. The bat was removed from the scene of the crime. Apparently, the killer was a man known to Susan Wieneke.

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