After a racist attack on Sanford, two men were arrested, and Cindy Dooley Hughes was the wife of one of the attackers, Howard Hughes.

Racism has become so much in this world that everyday news of some scuffle between people comes to the fore, in the same way, another such case comes to the fore. In which two men attack a black youngster and damage his car.

Cindy Dooley Hughes

Cindy Dooley Hughes is in a lot of discussion around the world at this time and the eyes of the whole world are on her. Actually, she is the wife of Howard Oral Hughes, who was convicted of racially segregating a Black man and damaging his car.

Who is Cindy Dooley Hughes from Sanford Fl?

According to the report, Two men Howard Oral Hughes and Donald Eugene Corsi were convicted after throwing a big stone at a black youngster who was driving in the same area where Trayvon Martin was murdered in 2012, Both were accused of racial discrimination.

Recently Cindy Dooley Hughes gained a lot of attention from Netizens all over the world. People are eager to know full information about this matter that’s why they are searching for it on google continuously. She gained a lot of popularity in a very short time because of supporting his husband Howard Oral Hughes.

With the help of our sources, it is learned that according to the records of Seminal County, Donald Eugene Corsi, 52, and Howard Oral Hughes, 61 were detained last Wednesday. This news was first shared worldwide by social media detective @thatdeneshguy.

Donald Eugene Corsi, 52, and Howard Oral Hughes, 61 were charged with criminal property damage and throwing a firearm toward the car. Hughes is also charged with a misdemeanor battery charge. According to the report, the husband of Cindy Dooley Hughes and Donald Eugene Corsi was freed from Seminole prison on bail.

Howard Hughes husband

Cindy Dooley Hughes is a housewife and a mother. According to her social media post on Facebook, Instagram, etc. as well as she is also a part of a key school. Cindy Dooley Hughes and Howard are blessed with kids as well throughout their married life. We can guess that it has been more than a decade since they were tied in the bond of marriage.

The public thinks Cindy Dooley Hughes is about to divorce after the arrest of Howard Oral Hughes. But so far no such report has come to the fore to know whether they will be divorced or not. That’s why we can say that Cindy Dooley Hughes has not given any application for divorce to her husband yet. Our team is engaged in this matter with full gusto and as soon as any news comes out, we will definitely update you as soon as possible.

cindy dooley hughes wikipedia

CJ Jones, the 16-year-old boy’s father, shared images and photographs of the aftermath of the incident on Facebook on June 14, 2022. While the 16-year-old was in the car, Corsi is accused of throwing a huge boulder through the window, destroying her.

Corsi, Cindy and Hughes reside at Maple Glen Place in Sanford, where the event happened. According to Seminole County court records obtained by Heavy, Corsi, 52, and Hughes, 61, were later arrested. Corsi has been charged with crimes with a weapon after he allegedly fired a “missile” at a car, a second-degree felony.

They were both charged with criminal mischief, a third-degree felony that involves inflicting more than $1,000 in property damage. Hughes was also charged with first-degree assault (touching or striking).

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