Joe Blackburn (Prader Willi): Explore His Death Cause

The documentary is known as the name of “The House That Can’t Stop Eating” most loveable character in this documentary is Joe Blackburn, people want to know everything about his death. Everyone who knew him and followed him wants to know that, Prader Willi syndrome was the reason for his death? Let’s talk all things … Read more

Leona Hale, Black Woman Shot and Killed by Kansas Police

Leona Hale from Kansas

Despite her age, there is no official word on the whereabouts of Leona Hale. The tragic death of this black woman in Virginia Beach, Virginia, occurred last December. We offer our condolences to her family. She was a beloved wife, mother, mentor, and adviser to countless people. Her innate wisdom and ability to see things … Read more

WATCH: Torito Tec Video Twitter Goes Viral On Reddit

Torito Tec Video

Have you seen the Torito Tec video that recently circulated on the internet? This one-minute video shows a group of teenagers performing a dance called toritonics. It’s a wildly popular video, and a lot of people are interested in viewing it. If you’re curious about it, follow the video’s link on Twitter or do a … Read more

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