Hello guys, In this post we are going to talk about an incident which is related to the Tiktok blackout challenge due to which a 12-year-old child named Archie Battersby had to face brain damage. There is a lot of resentment among the people all over the world about this hoax, and he is constantly requesting people not to do this hoax. Let’s talk openly about this topic, what is the whole thing after all.

Who is Archie Battersby?

Archie Buttersby lives in Essex England and damages his brain on 07 April 2022 while doing a TikTok challenge popularly known as Blackout Challange and he went unconscious. His parents get him unconscious at his Southend Essex house on the same day.

At the earliest, he was taken by his parents to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London. Also, the doctor immediately put him on the life support ventilator. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, he did not regain consciousness for several months. So the doctors advised his parents to discontinue life support as his brain had not responded for several days.

tiktok blackout challenge

According to the information, Archie Buttersby’s parents Holly Dance and Paul Battersby flatly refused doctors to stop his treatment. Because he believed that an instant miracle would happen and that his son Archie Buttersbury would get well. People are supporting Archie Buttersby’s parents through social media so that they do not break at this time.

Archie Battersby tiktok blackout challenge

Archie Battersby has been at the Royal London Hospital since April 7, 2022, when he strangled himself with a shovel. The doctor specifically said that his brain had stopped responding due to brain-steam death and that his parents should stop the ventilator.

On the other hand, his parents said that his heart was still beating and he could fight for his life. Archie’s parents also want the hospital to treat him, but on the other hand, the doctor believes that it is better to stop the treatment of such a person in a coma, whose mind has already been tainted. Despite all this, his parents have filed a case in the High Court against those doctors for the treatment of their son.

Archie Battersby strangled himself with a shovel to complete the TikTok Blackout Challenge, causing brain damage and falling into a coma. Doctors claim that when he choked himself, his brain stream got injured.

This is not the first time that a young man has died due to some ruckus. This has happened many times before but even then people do not stop doing it. People do it in a very stupid way which becomes the reason for their death. Although this challenge is now banned on Tiktok, On the other hand, people never stop meeting similar problems under different labels. However, users of social media should refrain from promoting such ruthless challenges.

People are unhappy with the Court’s judgment and some have taken to social media to express their displeasure. Many people support Archie’s parents because they want Archie to get the care he needs. Arbuthnot, on the other hand, reported that Archie died on May 31, 2022.

In addition, a British High Court judge authorized the hospital to deactivate the life support system. The family were upset by the decision and asked the court to allow their son’s treatment to continue. High Court Judge Arbuthnot, meanwhile, ruled that Archie is no longer alive.

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