Anupama breaks down remembering Hasmukh’s condition and Vanraj blaming her and Anuj for Hasmukh’s condition. She remembers Hasmukh’s love for her and thinks harder about why he does so much for her. Anuj walks towards her. She hugs him tightly, then curses herself for not seeing Hasmukh’s state of health. Anuj says that’s because Hasmukh didn’t tell them about his health. Anupama says that it would have been very difficult for Hasmukh, why did he do that? Anuj says that she has no children, but Anupama is a mother and knows the answer better; Hasmukh did it for his children. Anupama cries because her wedding may be postponed. She describes how Hasmukh never let her miss her father and always supported her over her own son. Anuj asks her to stop crying because she needs to take care of Leela and the children, they need to support Hasmukh instead of breaking down and focusing on Hasmukh’s health and surgery.

Samar calls out to them as Hasmukh regains consciousness. They both run to Hasmukh’s room. Anupama apologizes for ignoring his health and asks how he can do it himself. GK says that he tried hard to convince Hasmukh, but he just wants Anupama’s marriage to end before his surgery. Kanta says that Hasmukh sacrificed his health for Anupama. Devika also praises Hasmukh’s sacrifice. Hasmukh tells Anupama that he should apologize to her as he cannot keep his promise to his daughter and messed up her sangeet ritual. Anupama asks him not to say that. Hasmukh apologizes for not telling her about his health condition and says that he would have informed her after the marriage. Anupama says that your health is the most important thing. Leela asks him to stop being adamant, what would she and Vanraj be without him, etc.

Vanraj says that he spoke to the doctor and insists that he have an operation as soon as possible. Anuj says that Vanraj is right. Hasmukh says that he only wants Anupama’s wedding to take place first. Leela asks if Anupama’s wedding is more important than her life. He says that the Kanyadaan of a daughter is the greatest virtue. He continues with his firmness. Anupama also insists and says that they will take him to the hospital right now. Hasmukh says that if he goes to the hospital before his marriage, he will return to death. Everyone gets worried hearing that. Rakhi praises Hasmukh’s sacrifice and says that parents never get stubborn, but they do it for the good of the children; she as a mother can understand his feelings. Hasmukh says that if he is forced to visit the hospital, he will seek the death of the god. Anupama begs him not to say that. Anuj and Vanraj plead with him not to be so stubborn. Hasmukh says that nothing will happen to him before his daughter’s marriage. Leela asks what about the doctor’s advice. He says that he is sure that nothing will happen to him until Anupama’s wedding and that if he dies during the surgery, he will not get Mukti. He insists again on Anupama to agree to his request.

Anupama asks her to promise to take care of herself and rest until her wedding. Anuj asks not to hide if he feels a bit uncomfortable. Hasmukh promises and says that he let us restart the wedding arrangements. Anupama remembers that he just promised her. He says that he forgot about happiness and asks everyone to smile and enjoy his daughter’s wedding. Give Anupama’s hand in Anuj’s hand. Vanraj and Leela frown upon seeing that. GK tells Anupama that everything he did is for their friendship and apologizes for hiding the secret. Anupama asks him not to apologize because he only continued their friendship. GK gives him Hasmukh’s prescription and says that hope is more than medicine in old age and that Hasmukh would be fine if his wish to see Anupama’s marriage comes true. Then he goes to see Hasmukh. Vanraj snatches the recipe receipt from Anupama and taunts that even amrith will turn to poison if touched.

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