Woo Lotti Death Video Twitter Woo Lotti Getting Stabbed

Recently a stabbing video becomes a headline after getting viral on the internet, and now millions of internet users wondering to know all about this video. The video has been getting viral with the name Woo Lotti Death Video in which three people were attacking and stabbed a teen in the public. Some people recorded all things and uploaded them on their social media handles like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. Now that videos getting a lot of attention from social media users and everyone is curious to watch this viral video that’s why they started searches for Woo Lotti Death Video. If you are reading this post that means you are also interested in this video so don’t worry you are landed in right place. Here we are going to tell you everything about Woo Lotti Death so keep reading till the end to get complete information.

The disturbing video shows three people attacking and stabbing a teenager in public while the victim is downstairs. A 19-year-old was assaulted by three people dressed in black while in the East Village and dragged downstairs due to the incident. According to the harrowing new film, the assailants alternately punched and stabbed the victim throughout the assault. It allegedly happened outside 254 East Third Avenue at approximately 5:45 p.m. Sunday, according to police, who released the video in hopes of apprehending two of the robbery suspects. Chilling footage shows one of the criminals throwing a metal scooter at the victim, knocking him off balance. The video then shows a second assailant holding the victim while the main assailant punches him several times in the face.

On Monday, a suspect under the age of 14 was arrested; however, due to being underage, his name has not been made public. He was part of the group of people he attacked. The gruesome footage shows three people attacking and stabbing a teenager in broad daylight. He was charged with assaulting a victim. The family and friends of the victim got shocked after hearing this news and they are not in a condition to say anything. Young children of today have no ability to control their anger and they are ready to kill each other for any reason. Now the victim’s family wants justice for their loved one.

So many people want to see this video but due to the sensitive content in this video are not able to share it with you, if you still want to see it then you can get it on every social media platform through this same keyword. So many people are searching for this video with the keyword : Woo Lotti Death Video, notti osama, notti osama death video, how did notti osama die. We have given the answer to all these querries in the above article.


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