who was Matthew Kyrillidis and what was cause of death?

Recently a piece of news came in a headline that a high school student of Chaminade High School died last Thursday 29 September 2022. His family, friends, and those who knew him are in great sorrow after his death and they got a big shock. He died in a car accident and was only 17 years old at the time of his death, which is a very young age.

According to the reports, After getting viral about his death news on Twitter so many users are in deep sorrow to know about his death because he died at a very young age. Now his death news getting a lot of attention from internet users and everyone started searching for Matthew Kyrillidis death because they are very curious to know everything about him and his death.

Matthew Kyrillidis was the beloved son of Christopher and Daniella Kyrillidis. He was loved by his family and was the beloved brother of CJ and Christopher. He was a college student at Chaminade College. There is no word on his cause of death. His family is in shock at his passing.

The family has not released information on the cause of death, but it is likely that Matthew Kyrillidis was in a car accident or some other disaster. His family made the announcement on Twitter. The family is mourning the loss of such a beloved young man. This tragedy will be felt by many.

Matthew Kyrillidis Death Obituary

Matthew Kyrillidis attended Chaminade High School and had a bright future ahead of him. His family is planning a funeral, which will be announced once the date has been finalized. He lived in East Northport, where he shared a home with his parents Christopher and Danielle Kyrillidis. He was a member of the Chaminade High School and was a talented student.

The funeral for Matthew Kyrillidis will be held on 6 October 2022. The family hopes that the family and friends will be able to get over their grief soon. You can view his obituary on the Internet. The funeral will be held at 20 Cheshire Place in East Northport.


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