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Watch Kanwal Shauzab Leaked Video Trends On Twitter: Recently a Kanwal Shauzab video viral news came in a lot of controversies but till now it is not clear whether this news is true or a rumor. If we talk about who is Kanwal Shauzab, then she is the daughter of an officer who was from the Pakistan army located in East Ahmedpur. Now she getting a lot of attention from internet users due to news of her leaked video. So many social media users are now interested in knowing everything about Kanwal Shauzab and her leaked video, that’s why we are here with you, here we will tell you everything about this matter whether is it true or only a rumor.

Kanwal Shauzab Wiki

She was a very simple lady who did not have any special interest in appearing in the media but since the news of her video going viral spread all over the world, she became quite popular, and now everyone talking about her. Although the truth of the video is not yet known, but her name is being discussed all over the internet. Some social media users are claiming that the women seen in the video is Kanwal Shauzab on the other hand, some people believe that the lady who is seen in the video is just a woman who looks like her. Let’s talk about her biography in the next paragraph scroll down to read.

So she was born in 1982 talking about her degree so she was a very studious person from childhood and got her master of arts in English and followed it to the university of modern languages ​​and also a master in philosophy. After all, when she graduated in 2015, though in union with Pakistan Tariq and Insaaf, it is said to be the PTI of the year 1997 when she was young if he Habla de la edad que tenía when he united with the PTI in particular. she was only 15 years old.

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However, she also later decided that she would run for the 2018 senatorial elections as a candidate for the PTI. She got a large number and was elected to the National Assembly which is Pakistan as the election magazine of Pakistan and got a reservation. seat for Punjab Women, however, on September 7, 2018, she was also appointed Parliamentary Secretary for State Planning and Reform Development. However, after that, in 2022, she was criminally charged for using the capital for development authority which was her newly purchased house.

Now she becomes a well-known personality in the virtual world and so many internet users are eager to watch her leaked video. But nothing is confirmed yet about Kanwal Shauzab Video, so now we can only wait for her statement about this video and as soon as she reveals any statement we will update you through this same website. Stay tuned with us for this kind of latest viral updates.

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