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Recently people are searching for a Twitter account whose Twitter handle is itsfunnydude11 in large quantity. And now this Twitter handle becomes a trending topic on the internet and everyone wants to know everything about it. This Twitter handle is in so much discussion due to the viral Leaked video of the University of Wisconsin volleyball team. This particular video and photos were uploaded on 22 October 2022 and now it is discussed all over the internet. And as we have mentioned, this is a leaked video of University of Wisconsin women, due to which those women are facing a lot of trouble as their private photos and videos got leaked without their permission.

After this incident, the whole university is very worried and wants to know everything about who leaked these videos but nothing has come out yet. If we talk about the video, then this video is when they won 10 championships last November and took off their sports bra, and floated them in the air while celebrating their win. According to the report, according to reports, the person who leaked the video could be from their team. Millions of people are searching itsfunnydude11 on Twitter for this viral video.

Now so many people are searching for this Twitter handle but now all social media platforms become quite strict and started banning these kinds of handles. This leaked video was also of abnormal content, so Twitter suspended this Twitter handle. But the curiosity about watching this video has increased a lot inside the people and they are very eager to watch this video. Many people have already seen the video before the handle got banned and shared it with their acquaintances. This video is still spreading very fast on the internet and there are many such websites that give access to such videos to the people.

These photos are not photos that should be shared publicly and should not be shown to people. Volleyball players haven’t tried anything wrong but now everyone is reaching out to support women and athletes as this is now a very critical issue and it is now one of the priorities of the department to take care of them and provide them with all the resources. and needs. Now the police are more focused and anxious about these types of crimes where these types of photos and videos are shared without permission.

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