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An obscene video of a rising star Aliyah Kurnia got a lot of attention from internet users and became a hot reason for the controversy. She is a famous Tiktoker where she use to upload her short videos and she has a big fan following on her TikTok handle. Now that her nude video is getting viral then everyone wants to watch her leaked video and try to get it on the internet.

The video is spreading among the people as fast as a forest fire and the main reason for this is that people constantly share this video with their acquaintances. Now so many people are interested to know all about this video and if you are reading this article that means you are also interested to get it. So let’s know everything about Aliyah Kurnia viral video together in this article.

Aliyah Kurnia is one of the rising stars of the Tiktok platform who is gaining traction across the world with her hilarious videos. However, her videos contained inappropriate content which is why she still remains in netizens’ conversations. Now, it is assumed that the user was from Indonesia and started attracting attention after uploading a strange video she recorded in her bathroom. It was 5 minutes and 45 seconds inside the bathroom that really moved social media users in Indonesia. The video originally uploaded to Tik Tok is now making the rounds on many other social media platforms.

As we told you, video is creating a buzz among Internet users and has even become one of the most searched videos on the Internet. Many netizens are rushing to explore the contents of Aliyah Kurnia’s bathroom video. There are many websites capable of providing this type of content and they have mentioned links and other video gateways.

Along with the internet, people are more interested in knowing more about Aliyah Kurnia’s family background and personal details. However, not much information is available about the social media personality as he is a rising star. Any interested reader can check out the video on Twitter using some keywords, but be careful as it contains explicit content. If you want to know more about Aliyah Kurnia and her viral video then stay tuned with us because as soon as we will get more information about her we will update you through this same web.

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