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A new video getting viral of a famous rapper BFG Strap with the name of Kutta 900 and now everyone wants to see this viral video. But the video is getting viral is not about his new song it’s all about his death, yes you read right famous rapper BFG Straap is no more among us and now his death video becomes viral. Let’s know everything about this Kutta 900 viral video and BFG Straap death, keep reading till the end for complete information.

Who is Kutta 900?

First, we talk about the viral death video of dog 900, which people are getting very desperate to see. Because due to sensitive content we are not able to upload it on our website that’s why we are going to provide you the link to this viral video. Although this video is available on every social media site like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

But it’s started getting viral on Twitter and now it’s become a viral topic on the internet. The video has been watched millions of times on social media and people are still searching for it. People are very sad after knowing the news of his death, Scroll down to read more about Kutta 900 BFG rapper death.

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Everyone started a lot of searches on the internet for Kutta 900 video in which two people have been shot many times and they have died. This incident happened on 22 September 2022 at the 2800 block of Casey a straight near South Malcolm X Boulevard around 3:30 p.m. When this incident was happening, people heard the sound of bullets and by the time people and police came to the spot, they got to see two dead bodies.

Kutta 900 Dead Body

One body was that of a 26-year-old man identified as BFG Straap and the other body was that of a 22-year-old man who identified as Antiwon Dillard. When people identified that he was BFG then he was immediately shifted to the hospital along with the second victim.

BFG Straap had died at the time of the incident as he was shot several times and he could not survive it and he was declared dead at the moment. He was a famous rapper and his real name was Foreva_Thuggn, if we talk about his social media then he has not had enough followers but people like to hear his rap very much. After his death, people started listening to the raps sung by him on YouTube and praying for the peace of his soul.

After his death, the condition of his family members and his friends is not quite right and they are in a deep shock. People are comforting their family members with the help of social media and paying tribute to a good personality BFG Straap. Police have started an investigation into this case and soon they will find out the culprit.

Now everyone waiting for the next statement from the police and his family but his family is not in the right condition to make any statement about his death. So as soon as we will get any information about his death we will update you through this same website

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