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Recently a viral video came into a headline after getting a lot of attention from people and now everyone wants to watch this video. Ever since ndejje video was uploaded on social media, it has caught the attention of millions of people and we can include this video in most viral videos of this year.

This video is of a student group of a ndejje University which has been recorded by another student. Now, this video has become quite viral and everyone on the internet wants to know about it.

So here we are going to tell you everything about ndejje video, keep reading till the end to get complete information.

Ndejje Video Leaked

In this video of alleged Ndejje students, they are heard listening to music by Sheebah Karungi as a woman raises the light for the action to continue. At first, we see this guy with a monster yucca picking it up and bringing it closer to prey that has already been shot.

He is in full swing and asks the girl to pour some water before taking her to the leather chairs and killing her. He is seen using his hands to hit the already wet Kandahar first, and when he started hitting it with his palm, the whole place was flooded.


These girls in action are all Banyankore due to their water-splashing abilities. In due time, while these two are busy starting the marathon, this woman holding the light gets excited and starts asking the other guy on the other side if he hasn’t been hit by the action of the first two. The guy said he felt like hitting a juicy pot too, and jumped in and they did too.

People are getting very eager to watch this video, and they are searching for it on every social media platform. But different videos are available on social media with the same name, out of which it is difficult to identify which video is real and which one is fake.

Here we are giving you a link for this video so you can watch it easily through this direct link. And we hope you like all information about ndejje viral video, and if you are interested in reading daily news updates then you can follow us for the latest viral updates.

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