Lulo cafe ‘bath’ explicit video original on Musa Khawula Twitter watch here

Lulo cafe Video Viral Click Here

An explicit video of DJ Lulo Cafe is getting a lot of attention from social media users.

Now, this leaked video has become a headline on the internet and everyone wants to watch this video and wants to know who shared this leaked video on public platforms.

So we tell you the video has been shared by a well-known personality Musa Khawula through his Twitter handle and after sharing this video, Twitter banned his Twitter account.

Lulo cafe video

But the thing to know is why Musa Khawula did this and he did this just to get popularity or is there some other reason behind it?

Let’s know everything about Lulo Cafe video in the upcoming paragraphs, keep reading till the end to get complete information.

Everyone gets shocked after knowing, that a well-known personality leaked another famous personality’s nudes on his own social media platforms.

Musa did something similar with Lulo Cafe, he leaked his nudes which is clicked by someone and shared by Musa on Twitter, after knowing that everyone is criticizing Musa Khawula.

Musa revealed after that he got lulo all videos and images from his friend and he not revealed name of his friend who gives him all images.

So many people Tweeted on Twitter against Musa and they are showing their support for Lulo. We are going to share some tweets with you in which people criticize Musa and take a stand for Lulo.

People believe that Lolu is a very soft and humble personality as you can read in the above tweet “Lulo Cafe,Successful business man and seasoned Radio presenter always so soft,poised and unproblematic.Forever possessing grootman swag,clean,professional and kind.His longevity in the media space is prove that respecting ur craft first is key.Let’s put respect on his name pls” So many tweets are available there which shows, Lulo cafe is how good kind of person.

People are constantly seen standing on behalf of Lulo for this incident with Lulo Cafe and demanding justice for them.


People totally criticize Musa Khawula and say “what Musa Khawula did to Lulo Cafe is absolutely wrong” We all are with Lulo and Lulo will get justice.

Lulo Cafe video has become quite popular among people and millions of users are already watched this video.

But now social media started banning all users who share this leaked video on their handles. Musa Khawula already get banned on Twitter and now he created a new account and asking people to again follow him.

Now the video has been completely deleted by all social media platforms and now it is not available on any public domain. And now only some blurry pictures are available of Lulo’s leaked video on social media.

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