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 Face Split Diving Accident Video Latest Video Viral on Reddit Twitter: Recently an accident video became a headline on social media and everyone wants to watch it. The video is going viral very fast on the internet and grabbing a lot of attention from internet users. The video is totally horrific in which a 16 years old boy wanted to dive into the sea but before the jump, her legs slipped and his face split onto the concrete slab instead of landing in the ocean.

Face Split Diving Accident Video

People who were present at the time of this accident recorded this accident and shared it on social media the first time the video was shared on Twitter. Now the video becomes quite viral and everyone is trying to find it on every social media platform. Here we are going to tell you everything about this video, in brief, be with us till the end to get complete information.

The video which got viral with the name Face Split Diving Accident video gets a lot of searches on the internet in a very short time. Let’s talk about what happened actually, As we told you a 16-year-old boy featuring in this video. All incidents happened at the seaside of Beirut, Lebanon where the boy wanted to dive into the ocean, and when he started jumping suddenly his legs slipped and his face split onto the concrete slab instead of landing in the ocean. After smashing with slab the complete yard turned red because of his blood. At the time of the accident, some boatmen were present there and they tried to help him.

[Video] Face Split Diving Accident Viral Video Reddit Twitter

Split Face Viral Reddit Video

Nothing was seen in the video about whether the injured child got any medical help or not that’s why it’s unclear whether he is alive or not. After seeing this video everyone got very shocked and started praying for the 16-year-old child whose face split on the slab. By the way, the child must have been admitted to the hospital by now but his situation has not clear. Every people wants to know about this boy who was injured in this accident but not a single piece of information about him is available on the internet. We trying to get information about this boy and waiting for his family when they will come to meet him in the hospital.

Now the video has been shared on every social media platform and netizens showing their full interest in this video. If we talk about the views of this video then in a very short time ‘Face Split Diving Accident Video’ got a million views on social media and is still being searched by so many internet users. Along with youtube, you can watch this video on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook. We all are praying for the young boy so he becomes well as soon as possible.

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