Devin Clark and Lyric Woods Found Dead, 14 Years Old Found Deceased

The news of Devin Clark and Lyric woods’ death is currently getting a lot of attention from people and becoming a sad reason for controversy. According to reports, Lyric woods was missing from Saturday at 1:30 Am and according to the sources she was leaving with Devin Clark and maybe another adult male. But yesterday on 18 Sep 2022 they both were found dead, Lyric woods left this world at the very young age of 14 years and Devin was 18 years old before his death. The police already started their investigation on this case but nothing is clear yet.

The sheriff’s office posted on Facebook that they were looking for 14-year-old Lyric Woods. Woods, a freshman at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, was last seen by her family on Friday night, according to reports. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Woods left the house at 6 p.m. and her parents could not reach her. Saturday. According to the woods family, she is 5-foot-6, weighs about 105 pounds, and has blonde hair. There were also suspenders and possibly a necklace like the one in the photo provided by the sheriff’s office.

Devin Clark and Lyric Woods Found Dead

But since their death body was found, their family and friends got a big shock and they are still in shock. Now everyone wants to know the cause of their death but the police have not yet announced the cause of death to the public. That’s why the reason for their death is still unknown. People are very sad about his death and with the help of the internet are inspiring his family to stay strong in this difficult situation.

 14 Years Old Found Deceased

According to forensic reports, police cleared that they were dead on 18 September 2022, They may have been murdered or they may have committed suicide but till now nothing has been revealed by the police. Everyone waiting for the police’s next statement and giving a lot of condolences to the deceased family. It is not yet clear whether these two were in a relationship together or if there was only a friendship between them. But with the help of some sources, it has been heard that perhaps there was a physical relationship between them which proves that they were more than friends.

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At this time, we do not know if a GoFundMe account was created in the name of the decedent, either to fund funeral arrangements or in the name of the family. Although funeral arrangements have yet to be announced, it goes without saying that the family is dealing with a devastating loss and may need your support. On behalf of the family, we ask for your prayers, love, and support during this very difficult and painful time for them. If a GoFundMe page has been created or there is information you think we should know about, please use the comments section. May the deceased rest in peace.

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