who is Sean Karsian and what was his cause of death? obituary wiki

Who was Sean Karsian?

Pat Carrol who was the mother of Sean Karsian passed away on 30 July 2022, Now The news of her death is getting a lot of attention from people. When she died she was 95 years old and still, she has a glow on her face and she was very passionate about her passion. After hearing her death news people started doing searches on the internet to know everything about her death. Everyone on the internet is mourning the Sean Karsian family and giving them the courage to stay strong in these times. Keep reading this article till the end to know the reason behind Pat Carrol’s death.

Sean Karsian Wikipedia

Sean Karsian’s mother was an American actress and a well-known comedian who also gave her voice in the little mermaid for Ursula’s character which was a Disney animated classic movie released in 1989 and she will always be remembered for it. She started her acting career in 1947 and with her hard work and consistency, she worked in the entertainment industry for approx 73 years her first movie in which she played the role was Hometown Girl. And the biggest thing, she was a very good actress that’s why she was nominated for a very popular Tony award for playing the role in Cath A Star. Now let’s talk about Sean Karsian in the next paragraph keep reading to know about him.

 Sean Karsian

Sean Karsian Obituary

Sean Karsian was the son of Pat Carrol and Lee Karsian and he was born on 10 Sep 1956 in developed country United States. He spent his complete life in the US and after completing the age of 52 he got died on 30 July 2009. The reason behind his death is still unknown people tried hard to know the cause of his death, but nothing was found. There is very little information available about him on the internet maybe he wanted to keep her life private that’s why he kept his personal information away from the public domain. According to the report he has also two cousins whose name is Kerry Karsian and Tara Karsian, also more information about them is unavailable.

Tara Karsian is a little bit famous among the people for her act writing skills and also she belongs to the United States. She completed her schooling at Beverly Hills High School and after that, she joined the Echo Theater company. You will get to see Tara Karisian in small roles in a number of TC shows, like NYPD Blue, Desperate Housewives, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Prison Break in the twenties.

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