Who is Awek Chelsea, Watch Viral Leaked Video of Melayu Tudung Scandal

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One more scandal video is creating a lot of hype among internet users and people are getting very excited to see it. The personality who appears in this video is Awek Chelsa whose full name is Melayu Tudung and she is a very famous P*rn Star. The video is about a game where celebrities are questioned about sexual issues, which is going viral very fast on the internet. The Housewives of Beverly Hills actors and actresses participated in a game popularly known as “No Way Rose” on Wednesday, September 03, 2022. During the game, the host of the game, Andy Cohen, asked many such questions to the contestants, which people are very fond of and are sharing with their acuteness. Let’s talk more about Awek Chelsea video and what happened in-game “No Way Rose” with all contestants.

Awek Chelsea viral video
Awek Chelsea viral video

Who is Awek Chelsea?

Awek Chelsea video is creating a lot of buzz on the internet and becoming a hot reason for controversy among the netizens. Along with the video getting viral, Awek Chelsea is also becoming famous among the people very fast. The scandal video has been watched by millions of time in a very short time and still being searched by so many social media users. After watching the video, many questions are arising in the mind of the people regarding this game. Let’s know in brief about this game in the next section.


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In this explicit show, streaming celebrities are forced to answer embarrassing sexual questions or risk consuming a rose. One of Andy Cohen’s most distinguished requests throughout this system was for Denise Richards to join OnlyFans. They acknowledged that they thought signing up to websites could be awesome. He even added his views on OnlyFans, calling it a safe platform for dynamic contact with viewers and artists. This is a website for people over 18 to do whatever they want.

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Awek Chelsea Viral Video Gaining Hype

This site is a subscription service that has been recognized for its NSFW content. This platform is used by many famous celebrities like Cardi B, Tylor Posey and many more. Richard also added his desire to use this site to freely connect with his fans and wants to work with BTS. She finds this site amazing and fascinating with no limits like other platforms.

This is a UK website where content creators earn money from their followers when they pay for their subscriptions. Here, funding is paid per video or it can be done monthly. This is a website with paid porn videos. This can be seen as another way of exploiting the human spirit alongside the revolt between different parts of society. Since many teenagers would be influenced by this site.

Some would end up becoming one of these content creators or some would be the subscribers who would have their careers destroyed with their bare hands because of this distraction. Celebrities can find a good platform to express themselves, but it’s not good for others because it negatively impacts them.

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