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One more sad news is creating a lot of condolence on the internet, and the news is Troy Landry is no more among us. After hearing about his death news people are getting very shocked that how can he die suddenly because sometime before he was very well and happy. The news of his death is spreading very fast among the people and is becoming increasingly viral on every site of social media. So let’s know the whole thing about his death through this post, who is Troy Landry, and what was the reason for his death?

Who was Troy Landry?

Troy Landry was a well know television celebrity whose especially known as an alligator hunter through the show Swamp which airs on the history channel. He has made quite a name for herself through this show and in the show, along with both his children, the permanent hunters living there also follow his hunting style. The hunting season lasts only 30 days throughout the year, and during this time they have to hunt alligators for the whole year to feed their families.

Troy Landry death

Many people have asked the question, “Is Troy Landry dead?” The death of a family member has been the topic of a lot of speculation. There have been death rumors for Troy Landry, Trapper Joe, and other cast members. One search results in obituaries for the man in question, and one thing’s for sure, he was a resident of Louisiana.

Troy Landry Death

According to the reports, the news of his death is linked by so many people to the prostate surgery he recently underwent, but he is doing well and recovering. Therefore, the news of his death and the obituary are just rumors and lies. In this regard, his son recently gave an update on Troy Landry’s health and told all fans and viewers that his father is doing well and thanked people for their prayers and warm wishes for his father and his family.

Troy and Bernita Landry were married on September 26, 1981. They have been together for 39 years and have two children together, Chase Landry and Jacob Landry. Bernita attended Petterson High School and was a teller at Petterson State Bank before meeting Troy. She has also worked as a schoolteacher and a publicist for History Channel. The couple currently lives in a wooden house they built together in Patterson, Arkansas.

Troy and Bernita live in a wooded house in Pierre Part, Louisiana. They earn over $30,000 a month from their television show. While they don’t share a social media account, Bernita is active on her husband’s pages. The couple’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. They don’t share any other personal information online. They are not active on social media and don’t seem to have a lot of friends.

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