Who was Steven Sigala? YouTuber Savage Studio Shot Dead outside Yucca Valley Tattoo Shop in California

Steven Sigala aka Savage Studio Shot Dead outside Yucca Valley Tattoo Shop in California

A famous personality and well-known social media influencer savage studio whose real name is Steven Sigala is no longer with us. Steven Sigala was shot dead during a fight in a tattoo shop and the news of his death became increasingly viral on the internet. He takes his last breath on 21 August 2022 and he was brutally shot and killed. He was a YouTuber, and he has a big fan following and huge support from people, everyone loved watching him and his videos. After hearing the news of his death, his fans were quite shocked and they started getting very impatient to get complete information about his death. Lots of people want to know all the things due to which they were murdered. So you have come to the right place, with the help of this article, we are going to tell you everything about him and his death.

Savage Studio Shot Dead

The tattoo parlor where the incident took place is located in a parking lot on 55435 29 Farm Highway. An investigationĀ has started regarding this case but the motive behind the shooting is not yet known. The investigation is going on very fast and as soon as the shooter is found, the reason for the shooting will also be known after he is caught. We can say that he was very hard working and he was running his studio named Savage Studio Ltd for a long time. If we talk about his profession, he started his career in the industry as a director-producer, animator, and voice artist. He has also worked with channels like Disney and Nickelodeon where he was a director.

Who was Steven Sigala?

Who was Steven Sigala?

The real name of Savage studio is Steven Sigala and before his death, he was 31 years old. He was born in the United Kingdom and he leaves in Yucca Valley, Where this accident happened, he died at the same time. The suspect of his murder is a person whose name is Manuel Robledo, his age is 33 years and he is a resident of Riverside. The preparations are going on to take him in interrogation soon by the police. Investigators say they were able to find and name the person who did it. They say when they searched the area, they found him driving a stolen red Dodge Durango in San Bernardino.

Officers caught the suspect and put him in jail. He was taken to the Central Detention Center and held there without bail. Online, people are upset at how quickly Steven died. Cyberia and other well-known people online have spoken of his death. Our team is keeping an eye on this news and we will update you as soon as any more information comes out. Stay tuned to us for this kind of news updates.

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