Who was Neil Almeida? What was TikToker DJ Tunzafun Cause of Death?

Neil Almeida aka DJ Tunzafun Obituary

The sudden Demise of Neil Almeida has shocked his fans worldwide after which people are constantly searching on the internet to know the cause of his death. Perhaps his fans can’t believe that the person who was so fine and looking happy a few days ago, how did leave us all at once? But it’s true that Neil Almeida is no more with us, he passed away on August 02, 2022. The reason behind his death is still unknown. Our team tried to contact his family but they are not in a condition to tell anything and they need to be strong in this hard time. Keep reading this article till the end to know more about the famous Tiktoker, also known as DJ Tunzaphun.

Who was Neil Almeida?

A famous Tiktoker whose sudden death news comes to his fans, after which his fans fill the internet with mournful searches. He had more than 110k followers on Tiktok, and he uploaded many short videos on which he received more the 1.6M likes. Neil Almeida was known for uploading his comedy and weight loss videos on Tiktok, where he had a huge following. His weight was above 700 pounds at one time but he lost a lot of weight due to his hard work and he had got down under 300 pounds After which he has become the inspiration of many people. The video of his weight loss started becoming viral very fast among people and he gained a lot of fan following in a very short time.

Neil Almeida

Everyone’s favorite Neil Almeida who is also popular with the name DJ Tunzafun still alive in people’s hearts or it can also be said that people never want to forget him. Millions of searches are being done on the internet regarding his death, in which everyone’s question is the same, what is the reason behind his death? To answer this question of the people, we are constantly keeping our eyes on this matter but nothing has come to the fore so far. No statement has been revealed by his family or friend yet, but as soon as his family members give any statement, we will update you as soon as possible.

Explore DJ Tunzafun Cause of death

DJ Tunzafun was 36 years old before his death, and he was never shy to share anything about himself that’s why people like him so much. Before his TikTok stardom, Almeida graduated from SWIC College, where he studied graphic design from 2002 to 2006. He then worked as a Web Development and Administration and Electronic Publishing Specialist. He had also Instagram and Twitter accounts with the same name @djtunzaphun where he had 1945 followers and 56 followers respectively. He joined Twitter in 2011 which is still active, you can visit his social media handles to know in brief about him.

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