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Princess Arlita and Jenny Santiago have become the big topic of conversation on all social media platforms. The reason behind the fame in a very short time is a video of them which is getting a lot of attention from people and becoming a trending topic on the internet. You would also like to know that after all what is it in this video that is becoming so viral.

So let us tell that ever since the video of these two has been posted on the internet, it has become an interesting topic for people on various platforms of social media. Let’s know all about Princess Adlita and Jenny Santigo and about all the matters which they grabbing a lot of attention.

Who is Princess Arlita?

Princess Arlita who became very famous in a very short time not has revealed any personal detail in the public domain. Here is no information available on social media and the web about her family and relationships. We can only assume her age by looking at their body, according to which she will be in her 30s now. Now let’s know about what is like this in her and her videos and why she is going viral. Further information is given in the following paragraphs, keep reading to know.

According to the reports, two videos are trending on the internet with Princess Arlita and Jenny’s names first one is The video showing the girls dancing around the room together. They take turns holding hands and letting go as they run. As they run, they pass each other and laugh softly. The expressions the girls give are truly mesmerizing and that’s why the clip appeared so quickly on the internet. It has become one of the trending topics on social media.

Princess Arlita and Jenny Santiago Video

In princess arlita and jenny santiago video, a girl was violently beaten by two other girls who were almost the same age. Another girl was recording the video from afar and instead of stopping them she is recording and it also seems that she is asking them to hit her. After watching the video, we found out that there were 4-5 girls, but only 2 brutally beat the other girl. One by one, they constantly slapped her face and pulled her hair.

The victim cried and asked them to leave her, but the two girls showed no mercy and continuously pulled her hair and slapped, punched, and kicked her. The girl in the black shirt grabbed her hair and pulled it continuously. The other girl said something to her and constantly slapped, pulled, and hit her. Not only that, but they pulled her by the hair and dragged her around while the partner slapped her.

It is reported that the original video of Princess Arlita and Jenny Santiago went viral a few months ago. Although it is an old video, it attracts a lot of attention from netizens. The video quickly went viral on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. There isn’t a single person who isn’t already talking about it. Since the girls are quite pretty, they have gained immense popularity in a very short time. It goes without saying that Jenny and Princess Arlita achieved big names and fame. They have become the latest topic of discussion on the internet lately.

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