Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders is a political aide in the United States of America. She is currently serving as the Deputy Press Secretary in the administration of US President Donald Trump. Additionally, she works as the President’s Deputy Assistant. Beginning her career in politics as a field coordinator for her father, Mike Huckabee’s, 2002 gubernatorial re-election campaign in Arkansas, she has matured into a notable political staffer who has served a variety of important political personalities over the years. She began her career as an Ohio field director for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign and then served as national political director for her father’s 2008 presidential campaign. Additionally, she managed John Boozman’s campaign for the Arkansas US Senate seat. She ran her father’s presidential campaign in 2016 and was later hired as a senior advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, where she oversaw the campaign’s contact with coalitions. She is a founding partner of the Little Rock, Arkansas-based general consulting firm, “Second Street Strategies.”

Childhood & Adolescence

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was born on August 13, 1982, as the only daughter of Mike and Janet Huckabee.
Her father is a politician, broadcaster, musician, author, and Christian clergyman from the United States of America. Her father also ran for president in the United States in 2008 and 2016.
Janet Huckabee, her mother, is also an American politician who ran for Arkansas Secretary of State in 2002 as the Republican Party’s nominee.
Following that, she attended “Ouachita Baptist University” in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ career as a political aide began in 2002 when she joined her father, Mike Huckabee’s, re-election campaign as field coordinator. In the election, her father was re-elected to a second four-year term as Governor of Arkansas.

She worked as the Department of Education’s regional point of contact on legislative matters. In 2004, during US President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign, Huckabee Sanders served as the campaign’s field coordinator in Ohio.

She served as the national political director for her father’s presidential campaign in 2008. A report from the US Today says that she helped her father with “everything from debate strategy to tie-picking.”

According to a Time magazine story, she worked up to 90 hours a week during the 2008 campaign, “managing her father’s schedule and event briefings not only in Iowa but also in South Carolina and New Hampshire.” Additionally, she is in charge of outreach and serves as her father’s surrogate in Iowa. ”


Huckabee quit the presidential race on March 4, 2008, after he lost the Texas GOP primary.
Huckabee Sanders then became the director of the political action organization “Huck PAC,” whose mission is to advance conservative ideas and aid in the election of conservative candidates at all levels of government. In 2010, her name was included in Time magazine’s “40 under 40” list.

When John Boozman, a member of the United States House of Representatives, decided to resign his seat in order to run for the United States Senate in Arkansas in 2010, Huckabee Sanders agreed to serve as his campaign manager.

With her description of Blanche Lincoln, a two-term Democratic incumbent, as a “firm vote for President Obama,” she tried to build a strong foundation for the other candidate, John Boozman.

Boozman was a member of the House of Representatives during the first Republican primary debate amongst US Senate candidates. Huckabee Sanders took his place, stating that he was “in Washington, D.C.

In May 2010, Boozman defeated Lincoln by a 21-point margin in the Republican primary. Boozman was the first Republican to be elected to the seat following Reconstruction.

Along with her employment as a political aide, she began working as a full-time consultant with “Tsamoutales Strategies” in 2011, and eventually became the group’s Vice President in January 2014. In June 2015, she departed the group.

She was introduced as a senior advisor to Republican Tim Pawlenty’s 2012 presidential campaign. She focused on Pawlenty’s Iowa campaign after joining the campaign. Pawlenty served as the 39th Governor of Minnesota from January 3, 2011, to January 3, 2011.

She was also involved in Republican lawmaker Tom Cotton’s 2014 Senate campaign in Arkansas. Cotton took office as a United States Senator from Arkansas on January 3, 2015, alongside Boozman.

In February 2016, she co-founded the Little Rock, Arkansas-based consulting firm “Second Street Strategies.”
She served as campaign manager for her father’s 2016 presidential campaign but joined the Donald Trump team when her father’s campaign was terminated on February 1, 2016.

He hired her as a senior adviser. In September 2016, she was also in charge of running the campaign’s coalition liaison, which was a new job.
In May 2016, she became a senior adviser to a Republican candidate for governor in Missouri 2016. John Brunner was running for the job in 2016.

She joined Donald Trump’s presidential transition team on the eve of the latter’s inauguration. She was named Deputy White House Press Secretary and Deputy Assistant to the President in the new Trump administration.

On January 20, 2017, she succeeded Eric Schultz as White House Deputy Press Secretary.

On May 5, 2017, she delivered her first White House press briefing, stepping in for current White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who was sent to Naval Reserve service at the Pentagon.

Personal History and Legacies

On May 25, 2010, she married Bryan Chatfield Sanders, a fellow media strategist, in the Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands. She met her spouse for the first time in Iowa during her father’s 2008 presidential campaign. Sanders also served as Huckabee’s 2016 media consultant.
Scarlett, George, and Huck are the couple’s three children.

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